Physics Union Mathematics

Physics Union Mathematics

Resources to implement PUM

  1. College Physics, AP Edition by Etkina, Gentile and Van Heuvelen, Pearson 2014 (textbook, Active Learning Guide and Instructor Guide)  

    The book is fully consistent with the ISLE approach and PUM modules. It shows students how to construct concepts based on the analysis of simple experiments and how to test them. It uses the same terminology and problem solving strategies; it is also the only book that is fully consistent with the NGSS and the new AP physics course. However, it has ALL of the concepts in the general physics course, not just the ones in the PUM modules. Ask for an examination copy from your Pearson representative.

  2. Rutgers Physics Teaching Technology Resource  

    This website contains about 200 physics experiments with supporting questions that will help you implement PUM and go beyond the content of the modules. The videos will be updated soon to include high speed and high-resolution videos, plus we will add new topics and problems.

  3. Rutgers Scientific abilities website  

    This website contains the description of scientific abilities (sometimes called science practices), activities to develop them rubrics for student self-assessment and teacher assessment and multiple versions of labs in which students design their own experiments. The approach to experiments is fully consistent with the NGSS and America’s Lab Report.